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Performing is an art in itself, organizing the show around it is the superlative. Going to a pub or a pub or doing your thing at a pop venue, anyone can but if you want something else a professional team will have to be ready to carry out your ideas.

  • Stage and lighting plans will have to be made;
  • Production and promotion plans should also not be missing;
  • The staging will have to be viewed with or without a director;
  • There will be staff who can supervise the production;
  • If the production is carried out in several places, it will have to be moved;
  • Agreements with sound and lighting companies must be made;
  • Which backline are you going to use;
  • Is the performance in a theater or pop venue;
  • Etc.

We can make a much longer list, not to mention the commercial arrangements that have to be made with the pop venues or theaters. You do not want to arrange all of this yourself and you don't have to. Rock Inc. Entertainment can carry and execute the complete production for you.

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