Finding a good rehearsal studio is not difficult.

Of course there are vacant houses, sheds, garages and all other sized passable for a loft. But a well equiped heated room where all drums, amplifiers and PA system are there is harder to find. Let alone with a cafe / bar there where you can talk while enjoying a friendly drink.

Quit searching and read below

I forgot to bring my drum sticks, fortunatly they had drum­sticks in stock at Rock Inc., so we didn't lost any time and could start rehearsing imediatly.

Tom­ - Stab By Stab

Our 50 m2 rehearsal studio is situated in Weert - Limburg nearby Eindhoven - Brabant nearby the A2 highway. De studio offers you:

  • Drumkit (bring along your own cymbals, pedals and snare)
  • P.A.
  • Microphones
  • Wedges for monitoring
  • Important: Coffee is on the house!!!!

Besides this, there is always a posibility to record your rehearsal so you will have a chance to listen back, what you did. Safe song ideas or even create a descent demo.

Great invironment for creating new songs and finaly our rehearsals turned into a pre-production when the studio facilities got involved.

Jim Collins­ - The Force


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