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On the left a sigh of rock, on the right a little jazz continues. Here a breeze in the lounge, where a stream of daring and daring. And suddenly there is Vlaag.

The texts are about the drawings of life, love, painted in white, but also black. Surprising rhythms, open atmosphere, adventurous compositions, loosely where possible, tight when necessary. The feet are allowed on the floor, the hips may be released. Life is a celebration, but not one where you always want to be.


With the motto "we have to t-o-t-a-l-l-y nothing, but may ALL" drew in the studio and came out with 528Hz, a title that refers to the Love Frequency. Know what that means? Look through Google, or listen to Flurry.

From 10 November available as LP in specialty stores and in all online webshops in the Benelux and on all known download and streaming services such as iTUnes, Google Music, Spotify.

Released on our Snakebite Records label and distributed by Rock Inc. Distribution


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