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Jan Philipsen bij Rock Inc. Recording

As a bass player, Jan Philipsen played in the band Rowwen Heze for years, until in 2013 he decided to do something else. He felt indebted to further explore the namesake of the band Rowwen Heze, a regional figure in Horst and America. This created the recently published regional novel "Icoon"

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What started as an innocent song on her Ukulele in our bar (because she had come with her father) has led us to Rock Inc. Recording would love to help her with the first album. A small song leads us to a lot of enthusiasm and we couldn't wait to hear the rest.


On the left a sigh of rock, on the right a little jazz continues. Here a breeze in the lounge, where a stream of daring and daring. And suddenly there is Vlaag.

The texts are about the drawings of life, love, painted in white, but also black. Surprising rhythms, open atmosphere, adventurous compositions, loosely where possible, tight when necessary. The feet are allowed on the floor, the hips may be released. Life is a celebration, but not one where you always want to be.

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