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De Laatste Magische Zonnestraal

An interactive children's theater performance with a mix of magic elements, singing, theater play and dance. The performance moves the children into the fantasy world of August Greene. A magical strange world, just a bit different from their own world. An important part is the input of the children, so that the performance never has the same end, but ensures that there are several routes to the end. But beware: A "wrong" choice leads to problems that may cause the Last Magical Sunburst to disappear ... or not? Book the Last Magical Sunburst here.

The Show:

August Greene is a Theater Maker and lives in his Theater Kit in the Five Mile Cripple in Driepoort. He has been instructed by the Magistraet der Wijsheden en Magie to keep the Last Magic Sunburst. This is under a dome and a holder, isolated from outside influences.

A Magical Sunburst ensures that in the spring the landscape, the roofs, the mountains, everything you see will turn green again after a cold snowy winter. A very important magic object and important task for August. This Magical Sunburst gets a place in his Theaterkist.

August would like to see and know more about this special jet. But when he looks at it from close up and the bell jar is removed, the Sunburst slowly loses its Magic without August being aware of it ... Is it still okay with the summers? Or are the summers in Driepoort lost forever?

August Greene is disturbed by the spirit of Duchess Hildegonda van Hillhoven or the Screaming Duchess. She roams mainly in Tavern the Screaming Duchess, who owes her name to the Duchess. Her screams and incoherent remarks ensure that the Sunbeam loses its power faster.

How is August going to solve this? Together with the help of the children, everything will be happy again and the Last Magical Sunburst will make the whole room sparkle again.


Length: 2 x 45 minuts
Cost: on request

Information- or booking request

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