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Rock Inc. Distribution wants to act as a wholesaler for the Benelux, in which a fist can be made towards trade and media by clustering the Independent Labels. The wholesaler receives one invoice and we take care of the administration to all Independent Labels.

In the seventieth anniversary, Rock Inc. has Distribution got this role in the Benelux. With this philosophy we are and remain a major player and therefore a full-fledged party and contact in the music business, where everything is based on the love of music and a personal approach.

bertusWe ensure that your physical products are available in the store and online store. We do not do this through difficult contracts, but we agree on a purchase price. After that we offer your albums at the largest wholesaler of the BeNeLux, Bertus (http://www.bertus.com).

Especially for Artists

You are proud of the music you make and you have taken the step to release it on, how they say it so nicely, a sound carrier. Because it can be everything again nowadays: CD, Vinyl but also cassette tapes. But then .... You want your fans to be able to buy the album not only at gigs but also online without having to look at the order, payment and shipping costs.

This is possible with us. With our own webshop www.media-store.nl we offer you as an independent artist the opportunity to offer your products in a professional way. A broad platform may therefore also lead to cross-pollination. Again: no difficult contracts but an agreement what you want for your album. We put it in our webshop and take care of the complete settlement. After a while you send us an invoice with the number of sold albums ..... it can be as easy as that.

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