Rock inc Entertainment has a number of own labels specifically launched for certain music genres. Releasing your release on a label has a big advantage. In the media it is seen as a full release and distribution is well arranged. Even if you have recorded at Rock Inc. Entertainment for a single or full length album can be made on any of our labels provided it fits within our label.

Snake Bite Records

Initially set up to release the albums of Mennen and later embraced more artists to release their music on the Snakebite Records label. In the meantime, Snakebite Records has built the name of quality rock and metal label. With recent releases of Vandelinde, BloYaTop, Misanthropia and The Burning Stash, they continue this tradition.

Bite Mark Records

Bite Mark Records is Rock Inc's youngest label. This label will focus mainly on pop and dance related music. Whether it's mainstream, house, EDM, dance hall or dubstep. But world music and folk are not denied.


This label is actually created from a mild mood. In the past, the studio was housed in an old mushroom nursery and spontaneously formed the name of Sjampingjon Records. This label mainly focuses on releases related to carnival or Dutch and dialect folk music

Some releases from Snake Bite Records, Bite Mark Records and Sjampingjon Records



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