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Mental Shift

The new rock band from Dutch soil 'Mental Shift' comes with a varied debut album 'Emergence'. Emergence means appearance and what an appearance is this album! Tasty rock interspersed with fragile songs with lyrics straight from the heart that touch you, singing full of emotions.

PRO1811 2522 8717953221520Central is the theme, also band name, 'Mental Shift'. How you experience the world around you is in your own head. Your own mental button, which you can convert yourself. You can follow your own course by following your heart and actually changing course. Be who you want to be. Whether it is about love, friendship or work, the message remains the same: stay true to yourself, live your dream by determining it yourself and taking action.

How this sounds? A firmly accessible rock sound. Recognizable melodies, heavy beats, bass and guitar riffs and the varied voice sounds of lead singer Daphne make this varied collection for the rock enthusiast. Made with passion and love for music!

Released on our Snakebite Records label and distributed by Rock Inc. Distribution



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