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An artist or band can not act without good management. Matters such as coaching, career planning, promotion, TV appearances, contact with the record company are essential for their success. Often the artist or bands are great on the creative side, but are not so good at promoting themselves, booking gigs or negotiating deals. But that is ok because an artist or band has to be able to concentrate on the creative side.

What can we do for an artist or band. Rock Inc. Entertainment can:

  • Send demos to labels, radio stations, the regional press and online publications. We use our network;
  • Recording performances and inviting invite labels and media to come to the shows;
  • Address our network to bring the artist or band to the attention;
  • Assist with recording and rehearsing;
  • Exploring the financing possibilities;
  • Negotiate financial deals with labels;
  • Supervise other people working for the artist or band such as accountants, agents and merchandisers.

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