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Is it a progressive rock album in its purest form? Certainly not. The roots of the band lie in the blues rock but this release is not easy to put in a box. Comment from a reviewer "Many times Ten Stories High shows that they can also handle progressive rock, as in the opener Prelude."

storygoesPersonally we think Story Goes is a prog album with blues influences. Worth a discovery.

A mighty 10-story pinnacle towers over a vast wild landscape. Under the tones of Prelude, the band Ten Stories High invites you to come in. Seductive sounds embrace you, until singing swells and you realize that something is about to happen. A journey through diversity and intense stories. The album Story goes has a lot to say. Music lovers are happy to look back when discovering new influences. What did I find so beautiful yesterday that it appeals to me today? The powerful impact of Led Zeppelin? The ingenuity of Pink Floyd? The wonderful licks of Brian May or the clean tricks of Jimi Hendrix?

A return to King Crimson's court on the sound waves of the mellotron? The Dutch brutality of Barry Hay? The melodramatic of Supertramp? The devious jazz influences of Steely Dan? If you step into the elevator and travel along all 10 floors of Ten Stories High, you will experience the overwhelming versatility of this band. Correction: 9 floors! The band members themselves live in the high penthouse on the tenth floor. There they create their own sound that when they pour an authentic sauce over their tracks. Ten Stories High reinvents wheels with innovation and bold choices.

Distributed through Rock Inc. Distribution on the Snakebite Records label.
Available from April 1 through all online and retail stores in the Benelux and on all known streaming and download sites.
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